CLICKS ● HELP aims to unlocking passive screen-time.

Owned & operated by The Olive Tree SAL, a social enterprise startup making an impact for the common good, our goal is to enable everyone everywhere to use their screen time for good.
You can be a click-philanthropist, what we call “Clickanthropist”
We are behind the most trusted source for Civil Society organizations for MENA and it’s world’s first click-to-donate platform dedicated to the Arab world, arab.org

Powered by CSR Engine™, using AI & Blockchain tech for CSR activities with impact.

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P.O.Box 11-8875, Beirut – LebanonThe Olive Tree SAL is the registered name of the company and is the owner of clicks.help.

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According to Lebanese commercial law, changes in the company ownership or structure must be registered and made public.

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