How it works

Our slogan says “Unlocking Passive Screentime” and that’s exactly what we wish to do.
Consider us a bridge connecting the two sides of a donor system; one one side you have the people/organizations who wish to do well and on the other you have the beneficiaries/causes who will be the recipient of the goodness from the first party.
We are a platform that adds a novel way for traditional and modern donor revenue streams.

From years of experience in the field of click-to-donate platforms, we fully understand that CLICKS ● HELP cannot be a substitute to reforming the donor system entirely, we work to add new channels to it. We are proud to provide opportunities where funds which would may not have existed without our platform, go directly to our reputed beneficiaries – and that’s a powerful statement.

It’s as simple as:
Choose your Cause
Select one (or more) of the causes on our main page
Click on the Button
Click on the Ad-supported Click-to-Help button
You are a Hero
The money made of the viewed Ads are donated to the cause you have chosen
No money required
No credit card required
No registration required
Bridging the gap
The sponsoring side…
This will drive engagement!
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