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Antoine Nehme Foundation
Supporting Lebanese Food Bank


Sponsored clicks provide assistance to needy families in Lebanon



Your clicks get registered, after which Antoine Nehme Foundation transfers equivalent funds to Lebanese Food Bank on a monthly basis.

Antoine Nehme Foundation is a registered independent non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit civil society organization which was established in 2015 (5486/4) with aim to reach a just and secure society resulting from moral and financial interdependence and the cooperation of its people.

We wish to contribute to the development of people on social levels, especially the disadvantaged and sick, including children, youth, and women.
We further work to eradicate poverty & empower individuals through diverse fields of education and personal development, with the aim, not only facilitate the personal growth of the individual, but also improve the social development of their respective communities.

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Our mission is to fight and overcome hunger by developing effective Feeding Programs in parallel with Development & Awareness programs to eliminate hunger.

The Lebanese Food Bank is a non-profit (Licence #1596), non-confessional and non-partisan organization established by a group of Lebanese business men in 2012 and a member of the Regional Food Banking Network in Dubai. It is presently headed by Mr. Kamal Sinno and is backed by a number of board members.

It strives towards the eradication of hunger throughout Lebanon through a range of food, development/training and awareness programs. Knowing that 28.6% of the population in Lebanon lives in poverty (around 20.6% live below the upper poverty line which translates into about $4 per day and around 8% are extremely poor and live below the lower poverty line estimated at $2.4 per day), we are working towards both short-term relief and a long-term sustainable solution to this pressing issue.

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Lebanon poverty: Agency says 500,000 children are going hungry

Decades of corruption and mismanagement are blamed for running the economy into the ground.

Al Jazeera English

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